What Is The Solution of Lithium Battery Protect Board? Using Software

The lithium battery protection board is the charge and discharge protection for a series lithium battery pack. It can ensure that the voltage difference between every single cell is less than the set value (generally ±20mV) when it is usually fully charged to know the equal charging of each single cell in the battery power, […]

Office 365 and Proxy Servers

Many large organisations employ proxies to control internet access and cache web content but this can cause major issues with the way Outlook and Lync connect to Office 365. Microsoft recommend bypassing proxies wherever possible with Office365 and here are the reasons why you should do this.. All content is encrypted so no traffic analysis […]

Office 365 and Google DNS Servers

Many companies use the Google DNS servers ( and as forwarders to resolve internet addresses. Whilst performing some exhaustive troubleshooting on Office365 & Outlook slowness & connection issues, we have uncovered incorrect addresses being resolved for EMEA customers. When using Office365 in EMEA, outlook.office365.com is a CNAME record that should always resolve to either […]

Office 365 Delegated & Shared mailbox sent items fix

When using shared or delegated mailboxes with Office365 or Exchange 2013, any emails that are ‘sent as’ or ‘sent on behalf of’ the shared/delegated mailbox go into the senders mailbox instead of the shared/delegated mailbox. There is a regitry fix for this if you’re using cached mode, but for online only users, there is no current workaround. […]

Running a DirSync from a remote computer

If you wish to force a manual synchronisation from a remote computer, a remote command must be issued to the Dirsync Server. We have created a script to aid this, but it needs basic modification before it will work in your environment. Unsigned scripts must be enabled on the remote computer by running the powershell […]

Adding multiple domains to Office 365 in powershell

There may be times when you need to add tens or even hundreds of domains to an Office 365 tenant so using the GUI isn’t really an option. I’ve created a little script here that will make this process easier. It takes a csv file (called domains.csv) that exists in the same folder as the […]

Adding multiple Email addresses to mail contacts in Office 365

When using the Office365 admin panel, you can only add a single email address to a mail contact. If you want to add multiple addresses, you have to use PowerShell. Use the following set of commands to add and confirm these addresses. To connect powershell to Office 365, perform the following; Open powershell Type the […]